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  • Could/should the WordPress Foundation do more?

    Genuine question. A couple of posts have caught my attention over the last week; Australia wants Drupal-based gov-wide CMS by Simon Dickson (obviously, ’cause he’s the boss nowadays) What can the WordPress community learn from the state of Drupal? by John Eckman It got me thinking about the WordPress Foundation and whether it could do more to […]

  • Irony escapes Tim Farron. Again. And again. And again.

    Commenting on the Conservatives’ decision to drop a manifesto and coalition agreement promise, Illiberal Liberal Democrat president, Tim Farron, said, “It sends a message to the electorate that ‘we don’t trust you. We think you might do things which we don’t like’ Perhaps, Tim, you might sit your  parliamentary party down and beat then round […]

  • 4 years and 2 months later… TheyWorkForYou plugin gets an update

    Shocking it’s been so long really, but I’ve finally revived my TheyWorkForYou WordPress plugin. When I first released it, all the plugin did was supply a TheyWorkForYou widget. Nothing’s changed! That’s for good reason though… At the time, the latest version of WordPress was 2.8.6 and we’re now on 3.8.1 so a lot has changed! […]

  • Appeal Court declines to rule on right-to-die cases

    The courts once again let the public down on right to die, saying the matter should be decided by Parliament. Of course, with Parliament including a bunch of unelected peers who can’t even manage to drag themselves out of the 18th century over equal marriage, it’s completely ridiculous to throw this issue, clearly supported by […]

  • A living wage free of tax?

    I’m glad to see, in this morning’s Observer, that Labour plan to make the national living wage part of the remit of the Low Pay Commission, and provide business with incentives to pay their employees in line with the level. A thought has been going round in my head about the living wage recently though. […]

  • How to waste public money: a litter brand survey

    Via the excellent Inside the M60 I learn that Keep Britain Tidy is urging lots of people to pick up litter and write down the brands they find. What will this do exactly? Show that most of the litter starts at the likes of fast food chains, snack manufacturers and soft drinks companies. Brilliant, because […]

  • More House of Commons exposure for The Lichfield Blog

    Whilst discussing his vision for local TV during a House of Commons debate on the future of local media [& video], Secretary of State for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries Ed Vaizey mentioned The Lichfield Blog and it’s efforts in the local media landscape. In response to a request from West Bromwich East MP, Tom […]

  • My comments on the POWER 2010 Pledge

    I’ve just signed up the POWER 2010 Pledge, having voted on the specific issues I feel are important to me. It is not a requirement that you agree with all of the 5 priorities voted for as the most important by the majority of those who have participated, but just that you agree with the […]

  • TheyWorkForYou.com WordPress plugin

    As part of some work for Talk About Local I have just developed a WordPress plugin using the TheyWorkForYou.com API. For this first version the plugin creates a single widget which shows the latest activity for your MP. I hope to add more in the future and if you have any suggestions, please add them […]