My comments on the POWER 2010 Pledge

I’ve just signed up the POWER 2010 Pledge, having voted on the specific issues I feel are important to me. It is not a requirement that you agree with all of the 5 priorities voted for as the most important by the majority of those who have participated, but just that you agree with the majority.

I do agree with the majority but I wanted to share the comments I added when I signed up to the Pledge.

I support the POWER Pledge because it represents a true grassroots desire from the people of Britain to change politics in this country. It gives Government the opportunity to welcome the desire of the people to be actively engaged in British politics at a time when voter apathy is such a huge concern.

I don’t agree that an elected second chamber will necessarily make a difference to the effectiveness of Parliament but welcome negotiation in Parliament on a possible solution, resulting in a referendum.

I am also unconvinced also that restricting votes on ‘English’ laws to ‘English MPs’ is a right course of action. Rather, the country as a whole should be guided by correct principles as part of a written constitution that ensures at a local level that the majority rules.

See the POWER 2010 Pledge for yourself.





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