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  • Blaming tech entrepreneurs for political failings is a form of prejudicial demonisation that helps no-one

    A colleague recently shared this essay by Andrew Russell and Lee Vinsel. It’s main point is that Elon Musk is morally corrupt for pursuing a dream of putting humanity on Mars instead of helping solve social issues like poverty and inequality. Russell and Vinsel suggest that anyone with wealth is morally obligated to engage in selfless humanitarianism. […]

  • The internet killed religion, politics, and neighbours

    No, not the TV show. Got the theme tune in your head though, didn’t it? You’re welcome. I’m talking about neighbours – those people that live next door, ‘across the way’ and nearby. This is probably perception, and I’ve yet to bother searching for any actual research (if there is any), but there does seem to be […]

  • Estonia publishes its e-voting source code on GitHub

    Good on Estonia for leading on this, and let’s hope others follow suit soon too. This is certainly one reason why the principal of ID cards isn’t a bad idea. Read Estonia publishes its e-voting source code on GitHub

  • Introducing the Rationalists’ Parliament

    A fascinating idea: a parliament based on sensible, mature debate from a grounding in facts rather than the parliament we see in which our representatives engage in childish jeering and assumed knowledge. Read Introducing the Rationalists’ Parliament

  • Updates to WriteToThem WordPress Widget

    I’ve given my WriteToThem WordPress plugin a well overdue refresh this evening. You can download the latest version from the WordPress.org plugin repository now. Here’s what’s changed; Re-write: For those technically minded it now uses the WP_Widget class as it should do, which makes it much tidier. Translations: I’ve also added support for translations so, if you […]

  • My comments on the POWER 2010 Pledge

    I’ve just signed up the POWER 2010 Pledge, having voted on the specific issues I feel are important to me. It is not a requirement that you agree with all of the 5 priorities voted for as the most important by the majority of those who have participated, but just that you agree with the […]

  • WriteToThem.com WordPress plugin

    As if the TheyWorkForYou.com plugin wasn’t enough I’ve also created a plugin for WriteToThem.com as well! The plugin adds a new widget which your blog readers can use to get in touch with their politicians from councillors to MEPs. There’s a demo video and instructions on how to set up over on the Talk About […]

  • My (disappointing) correspondence with Michael Cashman MEP over Mandelson’s 3 strikes policy

    With today’s announcement of the Digital Economy Bill containing the dreaded three strikes policy I thought I’d share my disappointing correspondence with Michael Cashman MEP. I first wrote to him with; Dear Michael Cashman, I’m biased as my career is based entirely on the web, but Mandelson’s plans to implement disconnection without trial for those accused of copyright […]

  • Does nationalism matter?

      I was walking past Lichfield police station today, watching their grubby Union Jack flapping around in the wind and I wondered why the Lichfield District Council building just down the road didn’t also have a Union Jack proudly waving around. In fact, why don’t all Government buildings have a Union Jack? I’m kind of […]

  • Make Parliamentary Scrutiny More Accessible

    The Free Our Bills campaign from mySociety is today encouraging supporters to ask their MPs to sign Early Day Motion (EDM) 2141. The campaign aims to get Parliament to publish bills in a much better way which will allow software developers to come up with new and innovative ways to present bills to the public […]