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  • Why is public money being doled out to politicians in Lichfield?

    This week, Lichfield District Council’s cabinet approved a pilot to hand £14,100 of public money to councillors to dish out at their discretion with a scintilla of oversight that leaves the scheme wide open to abuse, in a step that seems to be a solution without a problem. In the report to cabinet, a lack […]

  • I voted.

    There not being a Something New candidate for Lichfield (maybe next time) I voted for; Proper funding of the NHS, An end to pay freezes for nurses and doctors and other public sector staff who make our country function, The school that my son will attend in September to have more money, not fewer teachers, […]

  • Thoughts on “equal” taxation, LTV, deficits and stable economies

    Today I replied to a friend on Facebook who takes issue with Labour’s proposals to increase income tax, and he mentioned a few points which I wanted to take the time to respond to with more independent voices on those topics. I thought it worth sharing: I won’t try to change your mind, only plead with you to […]

  • 13th

    Shortly after the US Presidential Election and Trump’s victory there, I watched 13th – a documentary about the US Justice system. The film explores the history of incarceration in the US and suggests mass incarceration grew out of slavery and became a huge business profiting from the system’s inherent racism and the slave labour of prisoners. It’s definitely […]

  • Make Royals Pay

    When we’re told there isn’t money available for the most vulnerable, for our schools, for our hospitals, for our essential local services, spending £369m of *OUR* money to renovate the home of an unelected, unaccountable, obscenely wealthy family is not only an insult it’s an overt affront to the principle of equality that one family, […]

  • Sorry, you were born in the wrong place

    An attempt at demonstrating the idiocy of borders, and discriminating based on the accident of a birthplace.

  • I might join the Conservative Party and vote for Gove

    Well, I already joined the Labour Party because of Corbyn, I might as well complete the set. But also, as much as I despise Gove, Theresa May will be the absolutely worst option for Prime Minister. She has consistently attempted to undermine our fundamental human rights. She is capable, determined and commands the respect of […]

  • Human Rights mean nothing to Tories – Brexit will give them free reign

    We already know that this Tory government continues to actively work with Saudi Arabia despite their repeated violations of human rights. This morning we learn that the Tories helped lobby the UN to “whitewash” Bahrain police abuses. They’ve already made it clear they want to scrap the European Convention on Human Rights, too. Clearly while […]

  • “If Corbyn wins I’ll join the Labour Party”

    That was one snippet of a conversation I overheard today about the Labour leadership contest. Two women – one middle aged, one slightly older – were discussing the leadership contest on the next table. After talking about the change in attitude that Corbyn is bringing to Labour, one commented “if you keep on doing what you’ve always been […]

  • I keep seeing “encryption” and “WhatsApp” used in the same today. You do realise it’s *not* secure, right? And it’s owned by Facebook FFS, do you’re giving Facebook all your messages. If you want secure, encrypted communications use Telegram. Even better, get yourself a VPN to hide all your traffic from our illiberal, civil rights […]