How to waste public money: a litter brand survey

Via the excellent Inside the M60 I learn that Keep Britain Tidy is urging lots of people to pick up litter and write down the brands they find.

What will this do exactly? Show that most of the litter starts at the likes of fast food chains, snack manufacturers and soft drinks companies.

Brilliant, because I would have predicted the top brands to be Chanel, Fabergé and Harrods.

Let me guess – Keep Britain Tidy will then tell the top brands to sort it out.

Except it’s not the brands that are dropping the chuffing litter is it boys and girls… it’s people who probably don’t give a toss – that’s the whole reason they drop it in the first place.

KBT’s news page also reveals they’re working very hard watching for litter dropping on Corrie. Well thank fuck for that!





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