• 12 Years

    Of course my WordPress journey is much longer, having picked up the software a while before joining WordPress.com. At that moment, I didn’t even consider the idea that I might actually work at WordPress.com one day. I’ve come so far in those twelve years – I wonder where I’ll be in another twelve.

  • Analysis: UK low-carbon sources generated more than fossil fuels in 2017

    Great news that in 2017 low-carbon sources of power generation generated more than fossil fuels in the UK. That includes nuclear, which is pretty expensive and had obvious long term disadvantages by it’s great to see us relying less on dead dinosaurs! Image is Scout Moor Wind Farm and some people by Gidzy.

  • 500 beers

    In 2017 I made a new year’s resolution. Here’s how it panned out.

  • Meet Seb

    This is Seb. He is my puppy! Like any good dog, he’s jerking around on Instagram.

  • WordCamp US 2017: 5 Steps to Better WordPress Performance for Non-Developers

    Below is my presentation from this year’s WordCamp US in Nashville, TN. In the spirit of democratising publishing I wanted to help non-developers and individuals/small business owners to have better performing websites with minimal effort. Here’s the recorded talk: And the slides:

  • Autumn

    I’ve been wanting to get back out on my mountain bike for months. As much as pulling the kids along is great fun(!), there’s nothing quite like shooting through the trees, twists and turns of a good single track. So I made a last-minute decision to go for a ride today, and what a lovely […]

  • New Star Trek series confirms there is no God in the Trek universe

    After the nonsense of the “wormhole Gods” in DS9 I’m glad to read that there is no God in the new Star Trek series. It’s no surprise that Star Trek TNG was a God-free zone, given creator Gene Roddenberry was an ardent atheist. Some of his thoughts on religion were worthy of so-called “New Atheists”: […]

  • Fight Dementia

    On Saturday I’ll be going for a walk, and I need your help. With me will be – at least – sixteen members of my family, all doing the Alzheimer’s memory walk in remembrance of my Dad. Amazingly we’ve already beaten our target of raising £500 for the Alzheimer’s Society. The charity helps people with […]

  • Review: Rennie Mackintosh Hotel, Glasgow

    The good: Staff were friendly, the bed was comfortable and my room was reasonably well lit. All the usual refreshments were in the room, too. The not-so-good; The floors throughout were wonky and creaky, coupled with a low ceiling made it feel a bit like a fairground crazy house. There is no lift, and access to […]

  • My Travel To-Do List

    Having never been much of a traveller, getting a job that means at least two trips per year has led to a big change in my attitude about travelling. In fact, the day I joined the company I was in Lisbon meeting my new team mates! Since then I’ve been to Park City, New Orleans, […]