Sabbatical day 1

Yesterday was the first day of my 3 month, fully paid sabbatical. It’s a perk I’ve received, liked many others, for working at Automattic for five years. This sabbatical actually became available to me way back in November 2018 but due to poor planning and then the pandemic hitting it’s only now that I’m taking in.

It’s good timing – in August 2019 I was lucky enough to buy my first house. While livable, it needs a lot of work and due to other life events it’s been difficult to get that work started so the focus of this three months will be doing up the house.

As I write this, in sat in my mess of a garden on the four wooden sleepers that arrived yesterday watching DW Windows fit one of the 12 windows and 2 doors that are twenty years old and badly in need of replacing.

Having just finished my morning coffee I’m about to start on the small trench that these sleepers will sit in. Not being one for manual labour or DIY I’m not confident about these things but I’m inspired by achieving a minor life dream recently – self-building my brick BBQ.

There’s no real reason I’m blogging this, and I probably won’t be doing daily updates or anything. I just felt like it 😀





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