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  • Copying theme options between Pantheon environments using WP CLI

    Copying theme options between Pantheon environments using WP CLI

    One of my tasks today was to activate a new child theme on a project. We’d already migrated the site to Pantheon (using their very straightforward migration plugin) and had activated the parent theme – in this case Newspack – to start playing around. The Problem My colleague Bart had completed initial work on the […]

  • I’m building Newspack

    As a freelancer at the time, contributing to Lichfield Live led to plenty of work in journalism from tiny startups like Hackney Citizen to established publications like I spoke at conferences and even once advised the regional editors at one of the UK’s biggest media publishers. Thanks to a recommendation, I won one of […]

  • The Bullshit Web, and some bullshit about AMP

    Alright, let’s start off by saying that I’m definitely a little biased – part of my job involves working with the AMP team at Google and the fine folks at XWP on the AMP for WordPress plugin. I wanted to highlight some things about this Bullshit Web piece that’s going around, though. In short: the […]

  • WordCamp US 2017: 5 Steps to Better WordPress Performance for Non-Developers

    Below is my presentation from this year’s WordCamp US in Nashville, TN. In the spirit of democratising publishing I wanted to help non-developers and individuals/small business owners to have better performing websites with minimal effort. Here’s the recorded talk: And the slides:

  • Late escape your WordPress plugins!

    A little while ago a colleague shared this interesting article from RIPS on the state of WordPress security. It focused on an automated analysis of 44,705 plugins from the plugin directory (almost all of them). They found that 68.4% of those plugins contained cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. That’s a huge number, and a huge number of vulnerable […]

  • Feeling RESTful

    A month ago I took a (relatively) short train ride into the beautiful Derbyshire countryside to spend a week coding in the middle of nowhere. I was attending A Week of REST – a training event put on by the excellent folks at WordPress agency, Human Made. Part of a group of about 20, we descended on Darwin […]

  • WordCamp Europe 2014: Sofia, Bulgaria

    All images in this post provided under the CC-BY-SA license.

  • WordPress security: the case for dependency management

    Two things happened in the last week to spark this post; I gave the weekly “Show and Tell” at work on my favourite things about Drupal that I’d like WordPress to learn from (one of them should appear in 4.1, by the way), and yesterday a vulnerability was revealed in the still popular TimThumb library used by many WordPress […]

  • Could/should the WordPress Foundation do more?

    Genuine question. A couple of posts have caught my attention over the last week; Australia wants Drupal-based gov-wide CMS by Simon Dickson (obviously, ’cause he’s the boss nowadays) What can the WordPress community learn from the state of Drupal? by John Eckman It got me thinking about the WordPress Foundation and whether it could do more to […]

  • Hiding bbPress topics from logged out users

    I just spent hours figuring this out so I thought I’d try and save others the bother by sharing it here. The basic aim was to hide the contents of topics in a bbPress 2.0 forum from any users not logged in. This makes for a nice private forum. I found suggestions about making forums […]