8 WordCamps and counting…

I accidentally lied to a lot of people last week.

John Blackbourn (right) and I looking much younger at WordCamp Europe 2019

While at WordCamp Europe in Athens I was telling people that it was only my second WordCamp Europe. Turns out I’d completely forgotten about 2019! (Sorry John.)

So to help myself tell the truth I thought I’d list out my WordCamp history and why not tell the world about it too.

  1. WordCamp London 2013 – London, UK
  2. WordCamp Sheffield 2014 – Sheffield, UK
  3. WordCamp Europe 2014 – Sofia, Bulgaria
  4. WordCamp US 2015 – Philadelphia
  5. WordCamp London 2016 – London, UK
  6. WordCamp US 2017 – Nashville
  7. WordCamp Europe 2019 – Berlin, Germany
  8. WordCamp Europe 2023 – Athens, Greece

As a European (yes, I am European and British!) I’m quite pleased that Athens was my 3rd WCEU to two WCUSs. That feels better…

Oh and here’s a selection of highlights from each…. you might find there’s a pattern!


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