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  • The Internet’s Own Boy

    Aaron Swartz was a phenomenal person. Watching The Internet’s Own Boy recently reminded me of that fact. The film is, to me, a fantastic reminder that the internet needs to remain open, that access to public information should always be free and open. Some of my early activism was based on this. I was once involved in […]

  • Huel

    Last year I started using Huel. I prefer to eat my own food, I avoid ready meals (although, I have to make exceptions for pie and pizza!) but I find cooking to be incredibly boring. I just have better things to do with my life (like binge-watch Star Trek)! Trying to get a balanced diet also isn’t that easy […]

  • You should blog

    It’s not like I use Twitter anymore, so I’ve only experienced “Tweetstorms” via colleagues sharing stuff through Slack. Still, like Chris, I can’t help feeling that sharing in this way isn’t a great use of Twitter. That said, I’m pretty sure WordPress isn’t really the right tool either. Even though is quick to set up, […]

  • 31

    30 Another interesting year. Much of it, disappointingly (and to their detriment), was spent fighting yet again for my two children to be granted the relationship with me they deserve. That costs money, so while I kept my job, my other plan – buying a house to give the three of us a more permanent […]

  • People

    During my pursuit of happyness I’ve been thinking a lot about what actually makes me happy. When I feel good, I’ve been taking note and it’s made it very clear what makes me happy. People. In 2015 I spent a huge amount of time with other people. Lots of existing friends, but I also met new people and […]

  • The Pursuit of Happyness, and helping yourself

    This has nothing to do with the film, I just thought it was an appropriate title 🙂 (although, it is one of my favourite films, mostly for this genuinely inspiring bit). I’m happy. Really happy. Which is a stark contrast to 7 months ago. At the beginning of this month I also stopped taking anti-depressants […]

  • It’s always #TimeToTalk

    We shouldn’t need an excuse to talk about mental health but why pass up the opportunity. Any time is a good time to talk about mental health. I’m depressed right now (sort of). I’m on anti-depressants to help me cope with a very difficult situation. This is the first time I’ve had medical help with depression, but […]

  • Idea: A re-usable framework for “Who Should I Vote For?” tests

    Those “Who Should I Vote For?” sites are, I think, a great idea. Many of them fail though. They; often miss out huge policy areas (e.g. Europe) often just copy/paste from manifestos making it easy to see which party is which over simplify questions or provide limited answer choices that don’t always match views become […]

  • The Lichfield Blog Twitter account – can you help?

    If you’re reading this you’re probably aware that The Lichfield Blog‘s Twitter account was the subject of unauthorised access and de-activation this week. We’ve been through the process to retrieve it as Twitter suggests we could still get it back. However, that’s not a certainty and I won’t hold my breath. It seems we’re popular […]

  • Do you work or achieve?

    I’m a thinker and most of my best thinking happens in the shower (must be the lather). This morning, after waking up early and spending a couple of hours catching up with some reading links I’d saved for later, I found myself in the shower at about 9:30am. That’s not uncommon on an average day […]