It’s always #TimeToTalk

We shouldn’t need an excuse to talk about mental health but why pass up the opportunity. Any time is a good time to talk about mental health.

I’m depressed right now (sort of). I’m on anti-depressants to help me cope with a very difficult situation. This is the first time I’ve had medical help with depression, but not the first time I’ve suffered.

Only now am I receiving treatment because a few months ago I was ready to kill myself, and realised I needed help to survive.

I have an amazing little boy and, at the time, was expecting to be a father again, I have great friends, a great job and a loving family. You might wonder why the hell I could even contemplate suicide in those circumstances. But that’s one of the most misunderstood aspects of depression – it defies logic.

Many times in the last two years I’ve been in the same position and I kept it to myself. I told no-one until recently. Looking back I’m amazed I survived and at the moment, I mostly feel great.

I feel great because I’ve told those around me. I’ve been completely open with family and friends, including telling them about my past depression. As a result I’ve had an outpouring of selfless support and help.

Without that support and help I’m not sure I would be coping as well as I am now.

I am better because I talked about it.

It’s always a good time to talk.

Update: I wanted to share this post from James Smith that highlights really well some of the effects of depression. You may well have experienced some but without thinking of it as depression. But as James says, it’s a bug in the system, not you failing.





3 responses to “It’s always #TimeToTalk”

  1. theaardvark Avatar

    Kudos dude. It can be a difficult thing to admit to friends and family and that can be part of the illness itself. I’m glad you found the support before things got any worse.

    1. philipjohn Avatar

      Thanks Paul, and thanks for posting your #TimeToTalk on FB – that’s what prompted me to write this post.

  2. Shcreps Avatar

    I’ll second that. Just shows that the old saying “a problem shared is a problem halved” does have its place in the modern world (kind of). Never feel embarrassed about asking for help. It’s a shame so many people still don’t ask.

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