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  • It’s my birthday and I want NOTHING

    It’s my birthday and I want NOTHING

    Clarification: my birthday is on Wednesday, not today. Well actually, I do want something… Read on. In the run up to Christmas last year there was much consternation generated by the Trussell Trust setting up stalls in branches of Tesco. Many people, myself included, were dismayed at the idea that the world’s 8th richest country […]

  • Stop breaking the internet!

    That’s what I’m getting at the moment whilst trying to read an article from a feed I subscribe too. I use Feedly, as you may have guessed, which insists on hijacking the URLs from the feeds with it’s own redirects. I get no benefit from this, just the longer wait when, as has happened a […]

  • Patent wars: the evil afflicting tech that will only harm consumers

    Being a follower of the ‘patent war’ between mobile/tablet manufacturers recently I’m disappointed at today’s news that Samsung has been ordered to pay £1.5bn in damages to Apple. I’ve long been of the opinion that the patent system, especially in America, is fundamentally flawed and this case is another example of why. First thing to […]

  • Is the Catholic Church a force for good in the world?

    I’ve watched this debate recently and just had to share it. Before you watch, ask yourself if you think the Catholic Church is a force for good in the world. Yes, no or undecided? Then ask yourself again at the end. There’s a poll before and after the debate, too so you can see how you […]

  • Would you go into a high street shop that if it required handing over your name and address to do so?

    I’m gonna assume the answer is no. Giving info like full name, postal address, e-mail isn’t the kind of thing you expect to have to do purely to browse around. So why do so many web sites insist on asking for exactly that? I got a little irate earlier this week (maybe ’cause I’d been […]

  • IE8: Saviour of the Semantic Web, or Usability Nightmare?

    I’ve been pushing web standards for years, so the news that Microsoft‘s Internet Explorer 8 will support W3C guidelines by default is very welcome from where I’m sitting. There is one problem, though. They’ve announced that sites including CNN, Facebook and MySpace won’t work correctly. Users of the browser will have to choose to view […]

  • It’s The Economy, Stupid!

    Barely a day goes by where we don’t hear about climate change. But what nobody is really talking about is the economic impact. That’s why, for the second time, I’ve joined forces with Francis Irving to get people, business and Government motivated on climate change for the economy. It’s called Serious Change and I invite you to join us.

  • How Chris Brogan Got Me a Link Without Knowing It

    SEO will get you traffic. It’ll get you links. It’ll get you rankings. But does it achieve your business goals? Could you be missing out on something? Perhaps you need Chris Brogan. Or maybe you just need to take part a bit more. Get your hands dirty. Something like that.

  • One Simple Anti-Poverty Act at Christmas

    Today is Blog Action Day 2008 (BAD08) so to do my little bit I’m going to share with you one easy way you can do your bit to help in the fight to eradicate poverty. We are starting to see the beginnings of the Christmas season now, with shops beginning to put out Christmas stands […]

  • I have nothing to be worried about

    Tamar Weinberg of Search Roundtable today asked, “do search penalty discussions worry you?” Well, Tamar, I’d have to having something to worry about in order to be worried. The way I see it, unless you’ve been employing optimisation techniques aimed specifically at improving rankings, there’s nothing to worry about. In fact, no web master/marketer/business owner […]