It’s my birthday and I want NOTHING

Clarification: my birthday is on Wednesday, not today.

Well actually, I do want something… Read on.

In the run up to Christmas last year there was much consternation generated by the Trussell Trust setting up stalls in branches of Tesco. Many people, myself included, were dismayed at the idea that the world’s 8th richest country should need to appeal to the general population so widely to feed its disadvantaged.

Food bank usage is on the rise. More and more of your neighbours, friends, relatives and acquaintances are becoming reliant on food banks to survive. Many are having choose between food or warmth.

I had an idea, too late for Christmas, that I’m going to do for my birthday.

If you were going to, or usually would, buy me a present please don’t. Instead, take the money and donate it to the Trussell Trust. That includes cards too!

I’m a white, lower middle class male in Britain, and so a member of probably one of the least disadvantaged groups in the country. I don’t need anything and anything I do need I can provide for myself. So while there are people relying on food banks to survive I’d rather money didn’t get spent on gifts for me, but on feeding those impoverished families.

If you do get me something, I won’t go so far as to say I’ll be offended, but I’ll be disappointed that someone in need has missed out.

If you had no plans to buy me anything for my birthday, please DO! Buy me a donation to the Trussell Trust!

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