UKIP are going to have a spectacular victory, and that’s a good thing.


Look, most people don’t really like UKIP’s policies, whether or not the actual party members are racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic morons or not (they are, by the way).

What many people are seeing is a party being brutally honest (for the most part) and the political establishment trying to discredit them.

It’s that very political establishment that the public has completely lost faith and trust in, though. It was no surprise to me when, after the huge media barrage against UKIP recently, they took the lead in the EU polls over Labour.

People aren’t seeing a despicable group of bigots being exposed, they’re seeing a bunch of arrogant, entitled, self-important, power-hungry fraudsters scared shitless that someone is seriously challenging them for once. What the public see is an opportunity to take the status quo and give it a right good bollocking.

I’d say that’s a damn good thing. It might finally give the political establishment the incentive to relinquish PR politics in favour of policy politics.

That’s the maybe though. I’d love them to get the message but will they really? It’s doubtful.

Meanwhile, it’s sad that it’s a right-wing party causing all this kerfuffle. Where’s the party of the left? Paul Robinson put it best recently;

P.s. If you’re concerned/angry/fed up with politics, help Democracy Club do something.





2 responses to “UKIP are going to have a spectacular victory, and that’s a good thing.”

  1. Dan Slee Avatar
    Dan Slee

    My niece is Down’s Syndrome, I’m married to a female and I quite like the idea that there hasn’t been a major war in Europe for 70 years so I disagree with the title of this post on all levels. Sorry.

    1. philipjohn Avatar

      When I say “victory” I’m really just acknowledging that they will likely increase their number of MEPs in a few weeks. It will mean very little though given UKIP’s policy of “non-compliance” with the EU (aka not fucking bothering to do their job).

      So while a row-back to the 19th century would ensue if they ever got into the UK Parliament (highly unlikely under FPTP), that’s not going to happen if they have more MEPs. Their “victory” will be meaningless other than the threat it poses.

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