New hyperlocal WordPress plugin:

I received a tweet the other day from the wonderful Andy Mabbett. It read; is very #hyperlocal oriented. They’re on Twitter: @opening_times / @willperrin @getgood (widget, @philipjohn ?)

So I toddled over to the Opening Times web site and had a gander, found some XML there and thought to myself,

Hmm that’ll only take five minutes.

It took twenty but I created a very simple widget for WordPress that displays search results for an area you specify. Here’s a screenshot:

A screenshot of the opening times widget

You can download it now although be aware that it’s in beta so it might throw up errors occasionally. I already know that it doesn’t handle postcodes very well, so be careful with using them.

If you have any thoughts/suggestions/comments/criticisms, add a comment below!

5 thoughts on “New hyperlocal WordPress plugin:”

  1. Andy Mabbett – Birmingham, England – Man of many talents - some of them useful. Multiple monomaniac. Author of 'Pink Floyd: The Music and The Mystery' and more. Birder. Cyclist. Wikimedian. FRSA.
    Andy Mabbett says:

    Magic, thank you. And thank you for your kind words, too.

  2. just tried downloading it to install, for some reason i can’t open the .zip file, seems corrupted or something. please post a working copy!

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