New hyperlocal WordPress plugin:

I received a tweet the other day from the wonderful Andy Mabbett. It read; is very #hyperlocal oriented. They’re on Twitter: @opening_times / @willperrin @getgood (widget, @philipjohn ?)

So I toddled over to the Opening Times web site and had a gander, found some XML there and thought to myself,

Hmm that’ll only take five minutes.

It took twenty but I created a very simple widget for WordPress that displays search results for an area you specify. Here’s a screenshot:

A screenshot of the opening times widget

You can download it now although be aware that it’s in beta so it might throw up errors occasionally. I already know that it doesn’t handle postcodes very well, so be careful with using them.

If you have any thoughts/suggestions/comments/criticisms, add a comment below!


5 responses to “New hyperlocal WordPress plugin:”

  1. Andy Mabbett – Birmingham, England – Man of many talents – some of them useful. Multiple monomaniac. Author of 'Pink Floyd: The Music and The Mystery' and more. Birder. Cyclist. Wikimedian. FRSA.

    Magic, thank you. And thank you for your kind words, too.

  2. jjhalliday

    Brilliant, Philip and Andy. Great work.

    Plugin installed and running on http://SR2Blog ‘neath your TWFY widget 🙂

    Josh (@JoshHalliday)

  3. openingtimes

    Cool, great work. I’ve done a quick post on my blog. My site isn’t doing very well at serving requests, I need to optimising the geocoding as that seems to be the bottle neck.

  4. just tried downloading it to install, for some reason i can’t open the .zip file, seems corrupted or something. please post a working copy!

    1. Phil

      Sorry about that. I’ve fixed the link now so please try again.

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