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  • 4 years and 2 months later… TheyWorkForYou plugin gets an update

    4 years and 2 months later… TheyWorkForYou plugin gets an update

    Shocking it’s been so long really, but I’ve finally revived my TheyWorkForYou WordPress plugin. When I first released it, all the plugin did was supply a TheyWorkForYou widget. Nothing’s changed! That’s for good reason though… At the time, the latest version of WordPress was 2.8.6 and we’re now on 3.8.1 so a lot has changed! […]

  • Options galore for Author Bio Shortcode plugin

    My Author Bio Shortcode WordPress plugin has received a substantial update today, adding a bunch of new options. Thanks to some helpful and constructive criticism from Richard Tubb about my blog I’ve been making a few updates including wanting to put a bio below each post, which reminded me I already had a handle little […]

  • New WordPress Plugin: Story Latest

    I wanted a way to easily present a “latest articles on this story” list on Lichfield Live articles so I developed this simple plugin which uses a shortcode and tags to achieve that. For example, the Friary Outer development is an ongoing story that we’re covering. All of the related articles are tagged with “Friary […]

  • WordPress Author Bio Shortcode v1.2 plugin released

    I finally got round to updating this quick-release Author Bio Shortcode plugin. The main changes are background stuff and making sure it’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress (v3.2.1 as I type). One important feature is that I’ve locked in compatibility only to v3.2.1 and older. If you’re using a version of WordPress prior […]

  • WordPress Plugin: Author Bio Shortcode

    I’ve just written a quick and simple plugin. It provides a shortcode which, when inserted into a post or page, will print out the bio of the author as provided in their profile. You can download from WordPress.org now. Any issues/requests, use the comments below.

  • New hyperlocal WordPress plugin: OpeningTimes.co.uk

    I received a tweet the other day from the wonderful Andy Mabbett. It read; http://opening-times.co.uk/ is very #hyperlocal oriented. They’re on Twitter: @opening_times / @willperrin @getgood (widget, @philipjohn ?) So I toddled over to the Opening Times web site and had a gander, found some XML there and thought to myself, Hmm that’ll only take […]

  • OpenAustralia plugin for WordPress

    I’m delighted that after my release last week of my TheyWorkForYou.com plugin for WordPress, Henare Degan has created an adaptation which provides the same functionality but using OpenAustralia, an Australian version of TheyWorkForyou.com. You can download the plugin from Henare’s github, just click on “download” at the top and select “ZIP” then follow these instructions […]

  • GroupsNearYou.com WordPress plugin

    This is the last one this week, I promise. For Talk About Local I have just developed a WordPress plugin using the GroupsNearYou.com site. The plugin creates a simple widget which shows the groups in your area, based on a postcode that you provide. I made a demo video and wrote instructions on how to […]

  • WriteToThem.com WordPress plugin

    As if the TheyWorkForYou.com plugin wasn’t enough I’ve also created a plugin for WriteToThem.com as well! The plugin adds a new widget which your blog readers can use to get in touch with their politicians from councillors to MEPs. There’s a demo video and instructions on how to set up over on the Talk About […]

  • TheyWorkForYou.com WordPress plugin

    As part of some work for Talk About Local I have just developed a WordPress plugin using the TheyWorkForYou.com API. For this first version the plugin creates a single widget which shows the latest activity for your MP. I hope to add more in the future and if you have any suggestions, please add them […]