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  • 4 years and 2 months later… TheyWorkForYou plugin gets an update

    4 years and 2 months later… TheyWorkForYou plugin gets an update

    Shocking it’s been so long really, but I’ve finally revived my TheyWorkForYou WordPress plugin. When I first released it, all the plugin did was supply a TheyWorkForYou widget. Nothing’s changed! That’s for good reason though… At the time, the latest version of WordPress was 2.8.6 and we’re now on 3.8.1 so a lot has changed! […]

  • New WordPress plugin: Change content based on device

    When developing responsive WordPress themes I use a plugin called Mobble. It provides simple template tags to determine what device the site is being viewed on and change the layout accordingly. On some sites, I’ve created shortcodes to allow me to use some of those functions within the content itself but after doing some work […]

  • Options galore for Author Bio Shortcode plugin

    My Author Bio Shortcode WordPress plugin has received a substantial update today, adding a bunch of new options. Thanks to some helpful and constructive criticism from Richard Tubb about my blog I’ve been making a few updates including wanting to put a bio below each post, which reminded me I already had a handle little […]

  • Updates to WriteToThem WordPress Widget

    I’ve given my WriteToThem WordPress plugin a well overdue refresh this evening. You can download the latest version from the plugin repository now. Here’s what’s changed; Re-write: For those technically minded it now uses the WP_Widget class as it should do, which makes it much tidier. Translations: I’ve also added support for translations so, if you […]

  • New WordPress Plugin: WS7 Weather Widget

    One of the great local bloggers around Lichfield is Kevin Jones who, every day, uses his own weather station to provide a forecast for the area. It’s a great service and one that we try and retweet through Lichfield Live. I wanted to provide our visitors with something more and so, after some collaboration with […]

  • New WordPress Plugin: Story Latest

    I wanted a way to easily present a “latest articles on this story” list on Lichfield Live articles so I developed this simple plugin which uses a shortcode and tags to achieve that. For example, the Friary Outer development is an ongoing story that we’re covering. All of the related articles are tagged with “Friary […]

  • Planning Applications for WordPress: New Plugin

    It was great to hear last week of the progress Chris and his team at OpenlyLocal have made on resurrecting Planning Alerts. Thanks to their efforts we now have a site where we can view planning alerts for each council across the country. Not all councils are there yet, but it’s a great start. As […]

  • New WordPress plugin: Restore Admin Header

    WordPress v3.3 removed the header from the admin interface, merging it with the admin bar. This meant that the link to your site’s front page was taken away and you now have to go through drop down menus to get to the link. Instead, this plugin puts that link back onto your admin interface. Download […]

  • WordPress Author Bio Shortcode v1.2 plugin released

    I finally got round to updating this quick-release Author Bio Shortcode plugin. The main changes are background stuff and making sure it’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress (v3.2.1 as I type). One important feature is that I’ve locked in compatibility only to v3.2.1 and older. If you’re using a version of WordPress prior […]

  • WordPress Plugin: Author Bio Shortcode

    I’ve just written a quick and simple plugin. It provides a shortcode which, when inserted into a post or page, will print out the bio of the author as provided in their profile. You can download from now. Any issues/requests, use the comments below.