Planning Applications for WordPress: New Plugin

It was great to hear last week of the progress Chris and his team at OpenlyLocal have made on resurrecting Planning Alerts.

Thanks to their efforts we now have a site where we can view planning alerts for each council across the country. Not all councils are there yet, but it’s a great start.

As expected, the applications are available as XML, JSON and GeoRSS, which made it easy for me to – in two hours – produce a WordPress plugin that allows any self-hosted WordPress site to display a widget of recent planning applications.

You can download the plugin right now from If you fancy contributing, it’s also on Github.

At the moment, there’s just the widget. I plan to add the ability to add lists of planning applications into posts and pages, as well as maps pinpointing each application.

Comments welcome!


4 responses to “Planning Applications for WordPress: New Plugin”

  1. Henare Degan Avatar

    In Australia we provide instructions for how to embed a Google Map using the GeoRSS feeds, obviously this would be way easier with a shortcode 🙂

  2. Philip John Avatar

    Hi Henare!

    That’s excellent – I plan to add maps to v2, although using OpenStreetMap 😉

    I’ll think about how best I could allow for switching between UK and Australian data too…


  3. Craig Lewis Avatar

    Hi Philip,

    I love the idea of this new plug-in and how it works on Lichfield Live, but when I try it for Northants County Council nothing appears?

    Am I doing something wrong?


    1. philipjohn Avatar

      Hiya Craig,

      Glad you like it! Openly Local unfortunately doesn’t have any planning data for Northamptonshire yet:

      See Chris Taggart’s post for more:


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