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I’m a massive fan of WordPress and like what Stuart Harrison has done with Ratemyplace so I thought I’d get my hands dirty and write my first WordPress plugin.

It’s really rather simple – I didn’t wanna get too in depth on my first plugin outing. It creates a WordPress widget for showing the Latest Inspections javascript badge that you can grab from the Ratemyplace site.

There’s also an options page so you can decide which local authority you want to show from the ones available, or if you want to show all of them.

I’ve tested it with a standard installation of WordPress v2.8 and it seems to work okay. It’s ready for localisation so if you fancy translating it, please do.

It’s released under the GPL and you can download it here.

*It will be available on the WordPress.org site in time.


4 responses to “Ratemyplace WordPress Widget”

  1. guy Avatar

    I notice inyour about me section you say you sih to told of any grammatical errors, well i’ve found one!

    first sentence right instead of write.

    do I win a prize?

    please don not visit my site and point out my errors as I am much better at proofreading other peoples work than my own.

  2. guy Avatar

    umm i think my thumbs went funny writing that comment above, judging by the amount of typos I have just noticed!

  3. Philip John Avatar

    Hahaha thanks Guy!

    You’re prize is me not picking you up on your speeling ;o)

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