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  • Autumn

    I’ve been wanting to get back out on my mountain bike for months. As much as pulling the kids along is great fun(!), there’s nothing quite like shooting through the trees, twists and turns of a good single track. So I made a last-minute decision to go for a ride today, and what a lovely […]

  • Why I voted in a safe seat

    A little while ago I posited the argument that not voting is a proxy vote for the winner. Now I’m going to suggest that it’s worth voting even in a safe seat where you’re voting against the incumbent. In Lichfield I’ve voted for Rob Pass, the Green Party candidate. He won’t get anywhere close to […]

  • Anger is a gift

    Use that anger. That’s what Andy Bennetts, parliamentary candidate for Class War in Lichfield said during a hustings at the weekend. A favourite song of mine is Freedom by Rage Against The Machine. It includes this line: Anger is a gift. I love that because I believe it. My anger at our political system has […]

  • Think open data is just the realm of geeks? Not in Lichfield…

    This is partly the reason why I love Lichfield so much. Our council CEO recently joined Twitter and was last night tweeting (much revered) webmaster, Stuart Harrion; [blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/Ninadawesldc/status/133285420699095042″] Where else do you get a council chief exec tweeting her webby on a Sunday evening about the Open Government License?! Fantastic!

  • More House of Commons exposure for The Lichfield Blog

    Whilst discussing his vision for local TV during a House of Commons debate on the future of local media [& video], Secretary of State for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries Ed Vaizey mentioned The Lichfield Blog and it’s efforts in the local media landscape. In response to a request from West Bromwich East MP, Tom […]

  • Social Media love makes it to Coventry & Warwickshire – my home county!

    If you know me you know I shout a lot about Lichfield. I love the place! But I’m originally a Warwickshire boy, having spent my first 20 years in the old mining village of Dordon in North Warwickshire. Now Warwickshire has officially embraced my other favourite thing – the World Wide Web! Paul Henderson and […]

  • Recognition for The Lichfield Blog just keeps on growing…

    When I first got involved in The Lichfield Blog back in February this year I had no idea that six months later I’d be writing a business plan for a brand new social enterprise. I never thought I’d be looking at stats showing an average of 11,000 visitors each month (equivalent to over 10% of […]

  • Ratemyplace WordPress Widget

    I’m a massive fan of WordPress and like what Stuart Harrison has done with Ratemyplace so I thought I’d get my hands dirty and write my first WordPress plugin. It’s really rather simple – I didn’t wanna get too in depth on my first plugin outing. It creates a WordPress widget for showing the Latest […]

  • Citizen journalism: Friend or foe to traditional media?

    Recently I’ve become involved in a relative new project, The Lichfield Blog. As you may gather from the name it’s a blog, about Lichfield. I’m really proud to be part of something that has such a switched on and engaged little team behind it. It was especially gratifying to watch as the story of a […]