I don’t want broadband, leave me alone!

There is a lot of buzz at the moment about broadband in Britain, mainly thanks to the Digital Britain report. I’m a firm believer in technology as a driver of innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation so I definitely see that as a good thing.

That said, I have a feeling it might be mis-directed. See, there’s this whole 2Mb broadband for every home thing being bounded around but as Ed Richards, head of Ofcom, said this week, not everyone actually wants broadband.

So why give it to them?

Instead of focusing resources on getting people who don’t want it to have broadband, why not spend that effort on enabling the innovative products and services that will make them want it?

Remember the early days of broadband? The days when local groups sprung up to come together to persuade BT to give them broadband? If people want broadband, they will demand it. Perhaps the Government should instead concentrate on making sure the infrastructure is there when they do.

Do you think Government could be focusing their efforts in a better direction? Do you believe they’re even doing enough?

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