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  • Embedded tech can be implanted in brains, thanks to new power technique

    Re: Wearable tech can be implanted in brains, thanks to new power technique That title has it wrong – it’s not embedding wearable tech, it’s just embedded tech. I’ve been saying for a while that I’m not interested in wearable tech like “smart watches” -it’s embedded tech that excites me, and this innovation is a […]

  • Why super intelligence?

    This fascinating article about human extinction includes a big section about artificial intelligence (AI) and the risks of creating a super intelligence. It reminds me that so much of what I read on the subject focuses on the idea of a single, intelligent machine that could provide extraordinary decision making power. I’m skeptical that AI […]

  • Getting serious about hyperlocal, part 3: Money, money, money!

    Parts 2 and 3 of this series covered legal issues and journalism. Now I’m going to cover that big elephant in the room: money. Much (most, all?) of the hyperlocal efforts at the moment are voluntary, passion-driven projects. Many I’m sure cost only time; it’s easy enough to run a site on for free […]

  • Getting serious about hyperlocal, part 2: Journalism

    While the conversation continues around legal issues, burning issue number two in my mind is the quality of hyperlocal content. I’m very fortunate that at the helm of The Lichfield Blog is former journalist and current journalism lecturer, Ross Hawkes. I’ve learnt a lot from Ross, mainly that as hyperlocal looks to play a part […]

  • Getting serious about hyperlocal, part 1: Legal issues

    More and more as things progress with The Lichfield Blog it’s becoming apparent to me that hyperlocal has a real part to play in the changing local media landscape. So it’s time to get serious and look at what we need to do if we’re to make a serious contribution to local media. There are […]

  • Recognition for The Lichfield Blog just keeps on growing…

    When I first got involved in The Lichfield Blog back in February this year I had no idea that six months later I’d be writing a business plan for a brand new social enterprise. I never thought I’d be looking at stats showing an average of 11,000 visitors each month (equivalent to over 10% of […]

  • Government asks for 2Mbps, Virgin offers 200Mbps

    First, let’s forget those who don’t want broadband for a second and consider only those who have and use broadband services. I’ll keep this short. How can the UK Government possibly think that asking for 2Mbps in it’s preliminary Digital Britain report is anywhere near acceptable? Virgin, theoretically, can achieve 200Mbps with their fibre (aka […]

  • Citizen journalism: Friend or foe to traditional media?

    Recently I’ve become involved in a relative new project, The Lichfield Blog. As you may gather from the name it’s a blog, about Lichfield. I’m really proud to be part of something that has such a switched on and engaged little team behind it. It was especially gratifying to watch as the story of a […]

  • I don’t want broadband, leave me alone!

    There is a lot of buzz at the moment about broadband in Britain, mainly thanks to the Digital Britain report. I’m a firm believer in technology as a driver of innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation so I definitely see that as a good thing. That said, I have a feeling it might be mis-directed. See, […]