The Evolution of Orange Juice… Oh and the Internet

It’s funny what can get your brain working. This morning, for me, it was this:

A picture of an orange juice carton next to a glass of orange juice

It’s all about the cap.

Remember when all orange juice cartons were smaller, fatter and you had to cut the corner off? And every time you opened a new one you just knew half the carton would end up on the worktop.

Then we had the little white lid added, with that bit of foil stuff. Though, the juice would still catapult itself out the carton and land everywhere but in the glass.

Now we get the tall slender cartons, like the one above. They poor much easier but opening them is still a hassle. You unscrew, then there’s a weird little plastic hoop that you have to rip out. That’s fine, so long as you’re a body builder. And even then, guess what happens to the juice? That’s right, allergic to glassware.

So now we’ve reached the reason I’m an internet consultant blogging about orange juice. Almost. The carton pictured is special. As you unscrew, the cap removes the inner ‘cap’ so that you can poor as soon as you’ve unscrewed.

Finally! We have an orange juice carton that’s a sinch to open AND doesn’t throw your orange juice all over the hob.

The point? It’s like the internet. Orange juice cartons have EVOLVED. Look at them now compared to a few years ago. Look at the internet now compared to a few years ago!

Plenty of people talk about the ‘growth’ of the internet but I believe it’s evolving. We’re communicating in new and interesting ways, building on existing relationships and creating new ones. We’re building communities and collaborating like never before.

The internet is constantly evolving, solving problems, improving on existing ideas and advancing us all. It might be hard to keep up with, but it’s damn good fun trying!





3 responses to “The Evolution of Orange Juice… Oh and the Internet”

  1. SEO Geeza Avatar

    Dude I'm confused about the juice – now i am thirsty

  2. philipjohn Avatar

    Haha you just want the link 'juice' ;o)

  3. SEO Geeza Avatar

    but there'sno juice here – you animal 🙂

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