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  • Why I backed App.net

    Why I backed App.net

    Given the choice I’d prefer to pay for a product than be the product. I want ownership of my own data, my own mutterings, musing, incoherent rants and drivvle. My own words and creations should be available to me in the format I want them in, not subject to someone else’s corporate branding guidelines and¬†platform…

  • Michael Fabricant’s tweets: policy or playground?

    Many of my Twitter followers have today seen my passionate side as I exchanged tweets with Michael Fabricant over his use of the social networking site.¬†He’s a little unfortunate in that he’s the only one of Lichfield’s four candidates to be active on Twitter. Labour candidate Steve Hyden is but hasn’t tweeted since February. That…

  • LinkedIn Now Major Factor in Online Reputation

    I’ve not been much of a fan of LinkedIn. It’s too closed off and there just aren’t enough ways to interact. I prefer networking through the likes of Twitter or Facebook. One example is how easy it is to create a presence for your company or brand. Previously, LinkedIn only gave you the ability to…

  • How Chris Brogan Got Me a Link Without Knowing It

    SEO will get you traffic. It’ll get you links. It’ll get you rankings. But does it achieve your business goals? Could you be missing out on something? Perhaps you need Chris Brogan. Or maybe you just need to take part a bit more. Get your hands dirty. Something like that.

  • The Evolution of Orange Juice… Oh and the Internet

    Never has orange juice been so relevant to the internet. Orange juice cartons are evolving. We no longer have to live with spilt orange juice all over our kitchen surfaces. The same goes for the internet… What?!