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  • Trinity Mirror Editors Conference – 23/03/2011

    Today I spoke to regional editors at Trinity Mirror about how they could work with hyper local sites. You can watch my presentation to them here and you can listen to me take you through it with this AudioBoo: Listen! Below are links to sites, quotes and articles mentioned in the presentation. I hope to […]

  • Should local newspapers and hyperlocal websites be impartial?

    When describing The Lichfield Blog I will often include the word ‘impartial’ into the mix. Perhaps our slogan should be ‘blog by name, news by nature’! It’s a stance decided long ago – that we would only ever tell people what’s happening and never tell them what to think about that. Instead, we allow the […]

  • This is not a transaction.

    I blogged the other week about The Lichfield Blog’s print debut in the Birmingham Mail with an article I wrote about Fuse Festival. It sparked a nice few comments and I thought they warranted a second blog post to clear one thing up. The printing of that article was not one side of a transaction, nor […]

  • The day my hyperlocal blog post was published in a major regional newspaper

    Plenty of people will be skeptical about this bit of news but boy am I excited. I’d love to hear if this has happened before or not, but so far it’s the first time that I’m aware of, and I’m chuffed it’s me. If you pick up a copy of the Birmingham Mail today you […]