Trinity Mirror Editors Conference – 23/03/2011

Today I spoke to regional editors at Trinity Mirror about how they could work with hyper local sites.

You can watch my presentation to them here and you can listen to me take you through it with this AudioBoo:


Below are links to sites, quotes and articles mentioned in the presentation. I hope to add some audio too at some point.

Some journalism student hyperlocal sites



Finally, I asked my hyperlocal followers on Twitter what they would say if they could have half an hour with their local newspaper editor. There are some interesting, amusing and not so amusing responses, which you can view on the Storify I created.

I’m available to consult on any area of working with hyperlocal sites, including helping to broker relationships. Just get in touch.





2 responses to “Trinity Mirror Editors Conference – 23/03/2011”

  1. theaardvark Avatar

    The Storify doesn’t seem to be working…..

  2. Philip John Avatar

    The Storify should be working now. Had trouble publishing!

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