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  • I keep seeing “encryption” and “WhatsApp” used in the same today. You do realise it’s *not* secure, right? And it’s owned by Facebook FFS, do you’re giving Facebook all your messages. If you want secure, encrypted communications use Telegram. Even better, get yourself a VPN to hide all your traffic from our illiberal, civil rights […]

  • State surveillance is not comparable to online privacy issues

    Often, when opposing state surveillance such as that revealed by Ed Snowden, activists are questioned why they use online services that actively collect data about them. There is one core reason why this comparison is unhelpful and irrelevant. “You are the product” goes the saying, which is true. Companies like Google and Facebook collect streams of data […]

  • Stop breaking the internet!

    That’s what I’m getting at the moment whilst trying to read an article from a feed I subscribe too. I use Feedly, as you may have guessed, which insists on hijacking the URLs from the feeds with it’s own redirects. I get no benefit from this, just the longer wait when, as has happened a […]

  • Stop whining about privacy: YOU are the one GIVING it away

    Following Facebook’s announcement of their “Home” app, many people seem to have read Om Malik’s melodramatic cry over spilt milk: Om says, “But there is a bigger worry. The phone’s GPS can send constant information back to the Facebook servers, telling it your whereabouts at any time.” Yes, it can Om, you’re right. And how […]

  • Why I backed App.net

    Given the choice I’d prefer to pay for a product than be the product. I want ownership of my own data, my own mutterings, musing, incoherent rants and drivvle. My own words and creations should be available to me in the format I want them in, not subject to someone else’s corporate branding guidelines and platform […]

  • Staffs Police reach 5,000 followers, expect pat on the back for not engaging.

    This morning, Staffordshire Police tweeted the following; “Nearly 5,000 followers on force social media sites http://bit.ly/foyiNn“ Brilliant. Good for them. It’d help if they actually engaged though on those social media sites. Or maybe the force is socially inept as an organisation. Twitter I actually went through all of @StaffsPolice‘s 1,463 tweets. I found 21 replies […]

  • How to protect your data: don’t give it away! And how Facebook isn’t to blame… much.

    This won’t be popular, I know, but the election did show me very well how we can all have very differing opinions and get along like a house on fire at the same time. So here goes… I won’t regurgitate the details, if you’re reading this you probably know what it’s about. Let’s look at […]

  • Spotify are digging their own grave by not going social

    There’s a phrase I picked up from somewhere a while ago and now use it quite a lot. It’s; No involvement, no commitment. The basic premise is that if you don’t feel involved in something then you’re less likely to be committed to it. Take work, for example. If you don’t feel as if you’re […]

  • The internet will make you accountable for your actions

    I wouldn’t normally advocate reading The Sun, but as much as it pains me to do so I need to make a point. A woman has apparently initiated divorce proceedings against her husband after spotting his car outside another woman’s house, on Google Street View. “Top media laywer Mark Stephens” was quoted saying, “I suspect […]