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  • 12 Years

    Of course my WordPress journey is much longer, having picked up the software a while before joining At that moment, I didn’t even consider the idea that I might actually work at one day. I’ve come so far in those twelve years – I wonder where I’ll be in another twelve.

  • Meet Seb

    Meet Seb

    This is Seb. He is my puppy! Like any good dog, he’s jerking around on Instagram.

  • Review: Rennie Mackintosh Hotel, Glasgow

    The good: Staff were friendly, the bed was comfortable and my room was reasonably well lit. All the usual refreshments were in the room, too. The not-so-good; The floors throughout were wonky and creaky, coupled with a low ceiling made it feel a bit like a fairground crazy house. There is no lift, and access to…

  • Return Data Not HTML

    My colleague Tom has some excellent advice. He suggests that in applications, such as WordPress plugins or themes, you should always return data rather than returning strings of concatenated HTML. Instead the data should be passed to a separate function that will then echo the HTML. Take a look.

  • You’ve changed your avatar – so what?

    You’ve changed your avatar – so what?

    So you made your own little statement. You made your Facebook profile picture turn into a French flag. Maybe you’ve shared some quote GIFs from fucking Ghandi or something. Perhaps you even shared something that said “Je Suis Pairs” or similar. Oh you put John Lennon on? So what? Have a sticker. Your little social media…

  • #365daysofpolitics day 5: shout

    After doing so little yesterday, I started early today, signing up to volunteer with the People’s Assembly Against Austerity before I’d even gotten out of bed. I’m also planning to go to their protest outside the Bank of England on 20th June – join me! Following my note on day 3 about my new role in…

  • You are powerful – Aaron Swartz

    It’s easy sometimes to feel like you’re powerless, like when you come out on the streets and you march and yell and nobody hears you. But I’m here to tell you today you are powerful. — Aaron Swartz

  • 2010 shows that voting or not doesn’t change the end result

    “Post 2010, we all got austerity measures, bedroom taxes, NHS reforms and tuition fees that absolutely nobody voted for because absolutely no political manifesto mentioned them.”

  • Benefit sanctions: they’re absurd and don’t work very well, experts tell MPs

    It [the sanctions regime] is a secret penal system because the decisions [to stop benefit payments] are made in secret, by officials; the claimant is not present; they are not legally represented; the punishment is applied before there is any hearing; if they get a hearing it is only long after the punishment has been…