Learning by doing, and more…

Last night my brain interrupted my enjoyment of Time Trap to make me ponder why I’m not particular motivated to learn new things. When there’s so much New to learn in web development all the time, it’s pretty important to keep up, but I haven’t been feeling up to it.

Thankfully I remembered that I learn best by doing. When I first started out I played around, broke things, fixed them and repeated that over and over. When I started to use books I’d never get through them – instead I’d learn a bit, put it into practice and then build from there by actually creating stuff and learning as I went.

Serendipitously, through the Post Status newsletter, this morning I read Josh Comeau’s blog post, How to learn stuff quickly.

I recognised very well the benefit of Josh’s suggestion to combine guided and unguided learning to build skills. The suggestion of the the tutorial fade was particularly interesting to me as a way to help the learned knowledge sink in, too.

There’s a bunch of tips in there and I’d encourage you to read it! In fact, this very blog post is an example of one of the strategies Josh recommends – let me know when you find out which 😉

Image credit: Learning by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images






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