8 reasons I’m voting Conservative and UK Independence Party

The merger of the Conservative and Unionist Party and the United Kingdom Independence Party is the greatest thing to happen in British politics since Maggie’s valiant fight against Europe.

Proposed by their former election chief in 2012, pushed forward by Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless and finalised by David Cameron with his promise to deliver an EU referendum, the joining of these two forces presents a clear path to the future.

Here are the eight reasons CUKP will get my vote;

  1. Osborne has successfully borrowed more than Labour ever did in thirteen years
  2. About £1.5bn worth of NHS privatisation has been dished out to our MPs and their mates
  3. More than 1 million people have been pushed into food banks now, so we can spend more state cash on our mates
  4. Energy companies have been allowed to brilliantly increase profits tenfold during the recession, in defiance of those pesky consumers who keep dying from fuel poverty
  5. Thanks partly to our future Deputy Prime Minister we’re striding confidently away from the EU, fingers in ears shouting “la la la I’m not listening”
  6. Wealthy individuals have been protected from the inconvenience of taxation and even helped out of taxation, insulating them from the plebs.
  7. Rather than look after the vulnerable, they’ve been kicked off state benefits and into low-paid, part time jobs while wages have fallen – great news for our businesses.
  8. Business owners, who are bravely filling their pockets during the recession, have been given a well-deserved break from having to contribute to society.

Join me! Vote CUKP for a more unjust, unequal society!

Header image by Byzantine_K on Flickr and licensed under CC-BY-2.0 (do check out their Flickr – it’s fantastic!)






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