A no vote for Scottish independence is not a yes vote for devolution

Re: Nick Clegg: the matter of Holyrood’s tax powers must come out of the shadows

Nick Clegg is suggesting the Westminster parties should have a devolution plan ready in the event Scotland says no to independence.

Doing so may well help their yes campaign but voters should beware. In the event of a no vote we should thoroughly expect Westminster politicians to ‘interpret’ a no vote as a rejection of increased devolution too.

That’s exactly what they did with AV – after the no vote – which was down more, IMO, to AV being the system the people didn’t want – Conservative and Labour politicians seized on it as confirmation that electoral reform wasn’t wanted at all.

Far from it, we still need electoral reform but we also need a say on the system we should use.

They’ll do the same with Scotland. In the event of a no they’ll kick devolution (or “devo-max”) into the long grass and use the no vote as justification.

Want independence OR more devolution for Scotland? Vote YES.





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