Filming Council Meetings: For and Against

At yesterday’s LocalGovCamp I led a session which attempted to come up with a good round-up of the arguments for and against filming of council meetings.

We did a good job and there’s still room for more additions. I’ve used the excellent to show what we came up with and allow the debate to continue.

Big thanks to John Popham who video the session:


John rather nicely interviewed me about the session as well!



2 responses to “Filming Council Meetings: For and Against”

  1. Ken Clemens Avatar
    Ken Clemens

    Thanks Phil, missed this one yesterday, have already shared with our CEO for Cheshire East, meanwhile over in Cheshire West and Chester they have just set up ” Cheshire West TV”, you can also upload your own videos.


    1. Philip John Avatar

      Great to hear, thanks for letting me know! If you hear of resistance let me know 😉

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