I commented on Council meetings – blogging and web-casting

I’ve advised councils on this and found that their main concern is representation – they don’t want the words of councillors or officers taken out of context.

When I approached Lichfield District Council about filming their meetings for hyperlocal site Lichfield Live, they welcomed me with open arms on the condition that the video was not edited (something I hadn’t even contemplated).

In my discussions with councils I’ve told them that they need to allow filming but that they should provide their own recordings as a matter of record. Comms should be charged with the responsibility of making sure that video misrepresentations are countered with the official, unedited version.

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  1. Paul Evans Avatar

    Heh. Don’t worry – it appeared. I only turned on moderation for first-time users because the site was becoming an advertising board for improbably lonely Russian ladies…..

    1. Philip John Avatar

      Russia must have a chronic shortage of men… 😉 I’ve gotten into a habit of posting my comments to my own blog as well so it wasn’t just ’cause it was in moderation 🙂

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