Schedule Selected Content for WordPress: Perfect for live events!

Yet another excellent plugin from the folks at WPMU DEV*

This allows you to specify certain portions of a post or page to be hidden until a certain time.

Just like you can schedule posts to be published at a certain time, you can use this plugin to schedule content at a particular time.

Here’s some example where you might use it;

  • To live-blog an event using CoveritLive or a similar tool without showing the embed until the event is about to start
  • You might do a show on an internet radio station every Monday 4-7pm and you could use this to show/hide the live stream according to those times on your own site.
  • To hide the entry form for a competition that has a defined closing date and time.

It’s a premium plugin but if you get the full membership with WPMU DEV it’s well worth it, believe me!

*Disclaimer: I work for Incsub, the company behind WPMU DEV and all links to them on this post are affiliate links.





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