Content creators are the ones moving journalism forward

A while ago I spoke at the news:rewired conference organised by about The Lichfield Blog and hyperlocal in general. The panel I was on got around to the whole ‘citizen journalist’ debate and who is or isn’t a journalist. I made the point (one I feel strongly about) that many hyperlocal bloggers do not see themselves as journalists despite what some journalists deciding to label them as such. Rather, they are just active citizens who happen to be using some similar techniques to play an active role in their community.

Anyway, I digress. Martin Cloake referred to that point in his well thought out roundup of news:rewired and an NUJ event. In it, he comes to the conclusion that although big media isn’t going anywhere, content creators themselves (i.e. the journalist/blogger/active citizen) are the ones innovating in journalism. It’s a really good listen so I’ve embedded below for your listening pleasure.


You can also listen on the InPublishing where it was first posted.

Hat tip to Josh Halliday for recognising the reference.


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