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  • Why is public money being doled out to politicians in Lichfield?

    This week, Lichfield District Council’s cabinet approved a pilot to hand £14,100 of public money to councillors to dish out at their discretion with a scintilla of oversight that leaves the scheme wide open to abuse, in a step that seems to be a solution without a problem. In the report to cabinet, a lack […]

  • Sorry, you were born in the wrong place

    An attempt at demonstrating the idiocy of borders, and discriminating based on the accident of a birthplace.

  • Content creators are the ones moving journalism forward

    A while ago I spoke at the news:rewired conference organised by Journalism.co.uk about The Lichfield Blog and hyperlocal in general. The panel I was on got around to the whole ‘citizen journalist’ debate and who is or isn’t a journalist. I made the point (one I feel strongly about) that many hyperlocal bloggers do not […]