Video: Amateur photographer arrested & how we now have to arm ourselves against the Police

This video demonstrates how easy it is to be arrested for doing something that most people would consider a completely innocent activity; that of taking photographs in public. It especially resonates with me having been on outings for The Lichfield Blog where either I or semi-professional photographer, Nick Brickett have taken photos of public events much like the one Bob Patefield was photographing.

He obviously has a good understanding of some of the powers the Police have. The most shocking to me were the statements he made as he was led away to the Police van. That he had to say that worries me more than anything – these are the kind of things that I would have assumed would be protected. Not only is getting arrested incredibly easy going by this example but the invasion into your life following that arrest is unsettling to say the least.

Just over a year ago I was in the midst of an application to become a Special Constable (part-time, volunteer police officer – not PCSO which is different). I reached the point of training – I’d made it through the application and was waiting for the date when my training would start after which I would be given almost all the powers of a full police officer, but I withdrew myself from the process.

One thing that stopped me was the thought of being part of a force that upholds civil liberties breaches such as the one witnessed in this video. There was no way I could claim to be acting in line with correct principles and be an officer of the law. The two were morally incompatible, and that’s a very sad thing.

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