I probably would pay for individual articles, Mr Harding.

Pledging to “rewrite the economics of newspapers”, Harding said the Times would charge for 24-hour access to that day’s edition of the paper alongside a subscription model, but dismissed the idea of micro-payments for individual articles.

I don’t like the idea of pay walls and there’s no way I’d pay a subscription or 24-hour access fee to see today’s newspaper online. I brought the Guardian the other day for the first time in ages. I must have read about 5 articles from the whole thing because that’s all that interested me. That’s why I don’t buy a paper very often because I only read a tiny proportion of it… seems like a waste.

However, allow me to buy only the articles that appeal to me and I might hand over my hard-earned cash. Consider how easy it could be to do online micro-payments and you’re onto a winner.

That’s just me though. Anyone else?

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