ARGH! Where’s your RSS feed?!

Seriously, folks, if you’re going to have a blog you need to give me your RSS feed.

As I scan the net for news that interests me I get increasingly frustrated with the number of times I found myself looking around for the RSS feed.

A blog isn’t a blog without an RSS feed. That’s what makes blog different from just a news site or just someone’s page of ramblings.

An RSS feed (or Atom if you’re one of those people who likes to be different) is there so that interested folks like me can subscribe to your musings without having to remember to visit your site every day.

(I certainly need reminding. I have enough trouble remembering to have breakfast let alone read blogs.)

So why oh why oh why do so many blog owners make it so difficult?! Most of the time it’s a tiny “RSS” hyperlink somewhere down the side or even right at the bottom of the page. Occasionally, if I’m lucky there’ll be an equally tiny RSS icon next to the link.

Sometimes, I actually have to look at the source code of a blog to get the RSS feed. Ridiculous!

Blog owners – please can we all agree to put a nice big RSS icon in plain view at the top of every page, please? It’s really not that hard.

Look, I’ll even give you a link to an RSS icon available under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Or just search for your own on Flickr. Update: I found a site dedicated to providing RSS feed icons.

Go on, it’s for the good of humanity, if nothing else. I promise.

Disclaimer: I am aware that although I do have an RSS icon at the top of each page, it is only small. Rest assured, a new look is coming complete with frickin’ huge in-your-face RSS icon.





One response to “ARGH! Where’s your RSS feed?!”

  1. Amanda Vlahakis Avatar

    ” frickin’ huge in-your-face RSS icon “lol….mine is a reasonable size but I don't get that many readers anyway, I must be as boring as hell 🙂

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