This is Why Android Will Beat the iPhone

Apple are going to lose out to Google and others in the battle for the mobile market unless they book their ideas up and give users what they want.

Case in point: Opera.

Via InformationWeek I’ve learnt that iPhone users will have to go without the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers because Apple won’t allow them into the App Store.

This is a great shame. I’ve heard good things about the Opera browsers and although I do love the iPhone browser I believe in giving users choice.

Google, on the other hand, with the Android Marketplace, are allowing any applications to be added to one’s Android-powered phone.

Flexibility will be a key selling point of the Android phones. Freedom and flexibility will allow Android user’s to adapt their phones to suit their needs, while Apple try decide user’s needs for them.

Give user’s what they want and they will reward you with loyalty. Restrict them and they’ll go where the grass is greener.





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  1. Paula Jones Avatar

    I love my G1 and I think Android is a great platform; and much as I’m an admirer of Apple, the potential for the G1 could just blow them away.

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