WordPress Maintenance

A care-free WordPress site is a rare occurrence. Frequent updates and security concerns mean that keeping a WordPress site up to date and secure is imperative but it’s often a steep learning curve.

Let me take care of that for you. For a small monthly fee we will ensure that your site is secure, fast and backed up.



  • Review of current state
  • Implementation of up to 15 techniques to secure WordPress
  • Implementation of Firewall to detect and prevent attacks


  • Implementation of caching technology to improve site load time
  • Daily monitoring to ensure uptime and alert any downtime


  • Weekly scheduled backups
  • Stored backups in 2 separate, secure locations for redundancy


  • All updates tested on an independent area first
  • All upgrades completed when it is suitable to do so


  • £45 per month
  • £243 per 6 months (save 10%!) (please contact me if you’d like this option)
  • £459 per 12 months (save 15%!)

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