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  • The Bullshit Web, and some bullshit about AMP

    Alright, let’s start off by saying that I’m definitely a little biased – part of my job involves working with the AMP team at Google and the fine folks at XWP on the AMP for WordPress plugin. I wanted to highlight some things about this Bullshit Web piece that’s going around, though. In short: the […]

  • A step backwards? New service makes it hard to e-mail people

    Usability is all about making things easy to use. That’s common sense though, right? Maybe not. I came across a new service today called Scr.im. It’s (very noble)  aim is to help prevent spammers getting hold of your e-mail address by scraping it off of web sites (such as forums) where you might have reason […]

  • Reasons to use Twitter: Real life user experience feedback

    This is the first of (hopefully) many posts highlighting ways in which businesses can use Twitter. I’ll be trying to use examples whereever possible. First: Real-life user experience feedback. Frustration at Google AdSense led @tonypiper to tweet, Adsense has got very confusing recently. A great opportunity for the AdSense team at Google to get instant […]