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Father’s Day

The children didn’t get me anything for Father’s Day. Except that The Boy gave me himself for the day.

His eternal cuteness.

His joyful smile.

His (near-)impeccable behaviour.

His love of bike rides.

His love of trains.

His utter despair at having to leave the model railway.

The way he just rocks up to strangers in that “hey look at how cute I am” way.

His dancing.

His singing, and how he gladly sang along with me to Postman Pat, Twinkle Twinkle etc while tootling around on the bike.

I couldn’t love him more and the only gift I ever want is time with him.

My only wish would be that I still had the gift of time with my Dad too.


I stole this idea from Matt.*

It’s been quite the year.

My mini-me had just turned one year old at the start.

I gave up seven years of freelancing to become a salaried employee again, with the fantastic Code For The People, who six months later sold me to Automattic.**

Lots of travelling was had. In August, I took my partner*** and the boy to watch my partner’s brother marry an American girl from Akansas, then I spent my first few days as an Automattician meeting my new colleagues in Lisbon. Right now, I’m in New Orleans meeting with the team again**** 🙂

On a bittersweet note my partner and I separated, but I’m now a father again to a little girl.

This year? Keep my job, buy a house.

* Matt being the new “big boss” (haven’t had one of them in over a decade!) who at only one year older than me is substantially more successful… grrr! 😉

** I’m absolutely not complaining!

*** Now ex.

**** Though today is the last day, so I’m mostly spending my birthday in airports…