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#365daysofpolitics day 26: transcending the situation

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Today is day 26, which means I’ve had two days of doing nothing (pretty much). Spending the weekend with my little man was far more important, of course.

But in general I’m finding it hard to keep up every single day. My hope was that it’d be fairly straight-forward to do something, at least small, every day but as well as having a life it’s actually quite hard to have something to show everyday.

Most days I’ll be chipping in on the Manifesto, or with Something New discussions, but that’s not very interesting so I try to do something reasonably significant, but it feels more like a chore than I’m actually doing something.

So, from now on isn’t going to be about doing something every single day. It’s going to be about me spending a year dedicating a significant portion of my life to politics, to the Manifesto, to Something New and to trying to use politics to build the progressive world I want to see.

Situation transcended.

#365daysofpolitics day 12: OMG PEOPLE

Today was the first time I actually met my fellow party officers.

It sounds – and feels – weird that only today, after a general election, I met with the guys that stood for parliament under the manifesto that I helped to build with them.

Paul and James were exactly as I’d envisaged and more. We joked and had serious discussions about the future of Something New.

It was also a delight to meet Anna from Populace and talk about how we might build a new political movement together.

Today was a good day for progressive politics 🙂

#365daysofpolitics day 11: the missing day

You may have noticed day 10 went missing. My excuse is a camping trip with friends, although we did chat a bit about politics so it wasn’t a completely politics-free day.

That brings me nicely on to something I’ve been thinking about. I feel guilty if I don’t have much to show for a day. But maybe that’s okay, and maybe a little bit each day is what I should be aiming for rather than big strides.

On to today… Some debate on the Manifesto, followed by some tech work for Something New while watching a terrible film.

#365daysofpolitics day 5: shout

After doing so little yesterday, I started early today, signing up to volunteer with the People’s Assembly Against Austerity before I’d even gotten out of bed.

I’m also planning to go to their protest outside the Bank of England on 20th June – join me!

Following my note on day 3 about my new role in Something New, I helped promote the other roles we’re looking to get filled of Treasurer, Communications Officer and Community Manager. If you’d like to be involved in helping to create a new political movement, join Something New now.

#365daysofpolitics day 3: Officialdom

Today I recommitted to the political party that sprang out of the OpenPolitics Manifesto project. While I got involved a while ago my participation in the last six months has been almost non-existent due to the other pressing issues in my life.

That changed today when I agreed to be Something New’s technology officer. I’ll be a party official, combining my love of technology with my love of politics.

I’m very, very excited to get my teeth back into Something New and help grow the party from the relative success achieved in the general election.

Anger is a gift

Use that anger.

That’s what Andy Bennetts, parliamentary candidate for Class War in Lichfield said during a hustings at the weekend.

A favourite song of mine is Freedom by Rage Against The Machine. It includes this line:

Anger is a gift.

I love that because I believe it. My anger at our political system has motivated me to do something. I’ve chipped in a little work Democracy Club, actively contribute (and evangelise) the OpenPolitics Manifesto, and have helped with the Something New party.

Anger can motivate like nothing else, so if, like me, you’re angry at politicians, do as Andy says and use it.

There’s something else that Andy said that I think we could all do a little better.

Organise and fight

Here’s a few suggestions;

Picture: Flag of the EZLN, Wikipedia