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  • New GPS Receiver Offers Navigation Accurate To An Inch

    An excellent example of crowd funding revolutionising technological advancement. No longer is new technology limited to those wealthy enough. Read New GPS Receiver Offers Navigation Accurate To An Inch

  • Appeal Court declines to rule on right-to-die cases

    The courts once again let the public down on right to die, saying the matter should be decided by Parliament. Of course, with Parliament including a bunch of unelected peers who can’t even manage to drag themselves out of the 18th century over equal marriage, it’s completely ridiculous to throw this issue, clearly supported by…

  • Google, the freaky line and why Moto X is a game-changer

    This article really speaks to my excitement at what technology can bring to our everyday lives. People know the Star Trek concept of saying "computer" and having it complete a task. The Moto X does exactly that. Obviously it’s nowhere near those sci-fi heights but remember for a second the state of technology ten years…

  • Introducing the Rationalists’ Parliament

    A fascinating idea: a parliament based on sensible, mature debate from a grounding in facts rather than the parliament we see in which our representatives engage in childish jeering and assumed knowledge. Read Introducing the Rationalists’ Parliament