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  • This is not a transaction.

    I blogged the other week about The Lichfield Blog’s print debut in the Birmingham Mail with an article I wrote about Fuse Festival. It sparked a nice few comments and I thought they warranted a second blog post to clear one thing up. The printing of that article was not one side of a transaction, nor […]

  • The day my hyperlocal blog post was published in a major regional newspaper

    Plenty of people will be skeptical about this bit of news but boy am I excited. I’d love to hear if this has happened before or not, but so far it’s the first time that I’m aware of, and I’m chuffed it’s me. If you pick up a copy of the Birmingham Mail today you […]

  • Recognition for The Lichfield Blog just keeps on growing…

    When I first got involved in The Lichfield Blog back in February this year I had no idea that six months later I’d be writing a business plan for a brand new social enterprise. I never thought I’d be looking at stats showing an average of 11,000 visitors each month (equivalent to over 10% of […]