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#365daysofpolitics day 26: transcending the situation

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Today is day 26, which means I’ve had two days of doing nothing (pretty much). Spending the weekend with my little man was far more important, of course.

But in general I’m finding it hard to keep up every single day. My hope was that it’d be fairly straight-forward to do something, at least small, every day but as well as having a life it’s actually quite hard to have something to show everyday.

Most days I’ll be chipping in on the Manifesto, or with Something New discussions, but that’s not very interesting so I try to do something reasonably significant, but it feels more like a chore than I’m actually doing something.

So, from now on #365daysofpolitics isn’t going to be about doing something every single day. It’s going to be about me spending a year dedicating a significant portion of my life to politics, to the Manifesto, to Something New and to trying to use politics to build the progressive world I want to see.

Situation transcended.

#365daysofpolitics day 21: the great divide

Yesterday I started to read The Great Divide by Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.

Years ago on a whim I picked up Globalisation and its Discontents and really enjoyed it, so when I heard about Stiglitz’s new book I quickly grabbed a copy. It’s great timing and I’m really looking forward to making my way through it.

I also did some bits on the Manifesto (as usual) and had a couple of chats about politics with friends (which is unusual for me).

#365daysofpolitics day 20: failing

“A little bit each day”, I thought to myself, “that’ll be easy.”

Well it turns out I have a job, I’m a dad, I have hobbies and friends. Not to mention a house and car to take reasonable care of. Sometimes, even just sitting at the laptop for a few minutes to do some clicktivism isn’t particularly thrilling, especially after a day chasing a two-year old around a farm.

Which is all my way of saying, life got in the way of #365daysofpolitics over the last few days.

That doesn’t mean I’ve been completely devoid of political action. In the last few days I’ve;

  • Kept abreast of the main political goings on (as I do every morning as soon as I wake up),
  • Made some contributions to debate on the OpenPolitics Manifesto,
  • Read and shared (within Something New) some interesting articles that talk about the new kind of politics that we’re trying to create,
  • Taken part in some discussion with Something New generally about how we’re building that movement,
  • I’ve also put all upcoming local council meetings into my calendar and I plan to attend as many as possible – I figure that I should be more aware of what my local council is up to and the work councillors do, so what better way to watch them,
  • And since the #UnlockMagnaCarta event on Friday, I’ve been having flashes of ideas that I’ve been jotting down, which at some point will turn into proposals for the Manifesto.

#365daysofpolitics day 16: Unlocking Magna Carta

Yesterday I drove to Nottingham University to take part in a discussion about politics in the digital age.

While the name might be a bit suspect, the event was interesting. We heard from three speakers about their thoughts on democracy, and how the internet and digital tools effect it. I tweeted some of the more interesting tidbits, which I’ve collated in this Storify:


As part of the event we came up with some proposals for a new ‘charter’ and I was glad to contribute an idea from the Manifesto of access to the internet as a right, rather than a privilege.

#365daysofpolitics day 12: OMG PEOPLE

Today was the first time I actually met my fellow party officers.

It sounds – and feels – weird that only today, after a general election, I met with the guys that stood for parliament under the manifesto that I helped to build with them.

Paul and James were exactly as I’d envisaged and more. We joked and had serious discussions about the future of Something New.

It was also a delight to meet Anna from Populace and talk about how we might build a new political movement together.

Today was a good day for progressive politics 🙂