• Return Data Not HTML

    My colleague Tom has some excellent advice. He suggests that in applications, such as WordPress plugins or themes, you should always return data rather than returning strings of concatenated HTML. Instead the data should be passed to a separate function that will then echo the HTML. Take a look.

  • New York, New York

    Thanks to how awesome my job is* I recently spent a few days in New York. It was the first time I’d visited New York and although it was a short trip packed full of meetings I got to see some sights 🙂 Highlights included; My first (I think) propeller plane flight. Seeing Untappd used in a […]

  • Make Royals Pay

    When we’re told there isn’t money available for the most vulnerable, for our schools, for our hospitals, for our essential local services, spending £369m of *OUR* money to renovate the home of an unelected, unaccountable, obscenely wealthy family is not only an insult it’s an overt affront to the principle of equality that one family, […]

  • Sorry, you were born in the wrong place

    An attempt at demonstrating the idiocy of borders, and discriminating based on the accident of a birthplace.

  • Feeling RESTful

    A month ago I took a (relatively) short train ride into the beautiful Derbyshire countryside to spend a week coding in the middle of nowhere. I was attending A Week of REST – a training event put on by the excellent folks at WordPress agency, Human Made. Part of a group of about 20, we descended on Darwin […]

  • I might join the Conservative Party and vote for Gove

    Well, I already joined the Labour Party because of Corbyn, I might as well complete the set. But also, as much as I despise Gove, Theresa May will be the absolutely worst option for Prime Minister. She has consistently attempted to undermine our fundamental human rights. She is capable, determined and commands the respect of […]

  • 31

    30 Another interesting year. Much of it, disappointingly (and to their detriment), was spent fighting yet again for my two children to be granted the relationship with me they deserve. That costs money, so while I kept my job, my other plan – buying a house to give the three of us a more permanent […]

  • Human Rights mean nothing to Tories – Brexit will give them free reign

    We already know that this Tory government continues to actively work with Saudi Arabia despite their repeated violations of human rights. This morning we learn that the Tories helped lobby the UN to “whitewash” Bahrain police abuses. They’ve already made it clear they want to scrap the European Convention on Human Rights, too. Clearly while […]

  • Fitbit Surge – one month in

    In December I started wearing a Fitbit surge (a work perk) and wanted to share my thoughts/experience. Steps seem largely accurate, although as you might expect it’s not so great at counting them when you’re pushing a pushchair! However, I have managed to achieve my steps target (7k per day) whilst; walking up to bed […]

  • People

    During my pursuit of happyness I’ve been thinking a lot about what actually makes me happy. When I feel good, I’ve been taking note and it’s made it very clear what makes me happy. People. In 2015 I spent a huge amount of time with other people. Lots of existing friends, but I also met new people and […]