Working with WordPress

Since discovering blogging platform WordPress I’ve grown to love (and at times hate) it. I’ve installed the system more times than I can count, created a number of themes and have begun developing plugins on top of the existing customisation work I can do.


Honestly, setting up WordPress can be very easy. However, depending on your level of IT literacy it can be quite difficult. If you’d rather not have the hassle, I can do it for you. I usually allow an hour for a single, basic install so this would cost £40+VAT.


There are many ways to customise WordPress, which is a credit to the platforms extensibility. This includes themes, which alter the look and feel of your site, and plugins, which provide additional or altered functionality. There are literally thousands of themes and plugins available and it’s often a slog to find a theme you like and difficult to know which plugins might help. I can help in a number of ways by providing;

  • Theme research
    By understanding your objectives as well as your brand I can look for a suitable theme that will give the right layout according to the likely nature of the content you will produce.
  • Theme installation
    If you’ve chosen your own theme or if I’ve picked one you like I can then install it for you.
  • Theme customisation
    You may have chosen a theme but you want to alter it slightly. My web development experience means I can help you to do so.
  • Plugin research
    Often, site owners have an idea of some functionality they want on their site but don’t know how to achieve that. I have a good knowledge of the functionality offered by many WordPress plugins and how they might provide that functionality. And if I don’t already know of a plugin there’s a very good chance I’ll find one.
  • Plugin development
    For cases where a plugin does not exist that meets your requirements there’s a chance I can develop it for you. I am relatively new to creating plugins but finding it much simpler than I first imagined. I already have some publicy available plugins.

Prices for the above start at £25+VAT but will be based on your individual requirements, so do ask before making a decision.


Simple, yet powerful is one way I’d describe WordPress. It can be very simple or very complex, which all depends on how much you take advantage of its feature set. It’s easy once you know how but if you want a quick start, I can give you that.

I’m still working on my training offering so I won’t go into detail here but I have already started delivering training so if you’re keen, get in touch.