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  • Social Media love makes it to Coventry & Warwickshire – my home county!

    If you know me you know I shout a lot about Lichfield. I love the place! But I’m originally a Warwickshire boy, having spent my first 20 years in the old mining village of Dordon in North Warwickshire. Now Warwickshire has officially embraced my other favourite thing – the World Wide Web! Paul Henderson and […]

  • But 37signals are just neglecting their customers

    There’s been a bit of a spat between 37signals and Get Satisfaction today, after Mike Stanley took offence at Get Satisfaction’s efforts to get companies to take notice of their customers. I really admire Get Satisfaction for the way it sort of shames companies who don’t provide good customer service. I’ve never experienced 37signals’ customer […]

  • Is Google deliberately pricing itself out of payment processing?

    I was one of many who were shocked yesterday when Google announced the changes in Checkout processing fees. They’ve also announced that AdWords spend will no londer fund free processing of transactions. In fact, it turns out the new fees are almost identical to PayPal’s fees. Plenty of sellers have been complaining about the move […]

  • Microsoft, Yahoo Deal Would Strengthen Google

    I’m getting might pissed off with all this talk about some “deal” between Microsoft and Yahoo now. I don’t see how Microsoft forking out $15 billion for Yahoo’s search business would have any impact on Google‘s share. Sure, on paper, Yahoo’s share would drop to 0% and Microsoft would jump from 8.5% to 29%, but […]

  • LinkedIn Now Major Factor in Online Reputation

    I’ve not been much of a fan of LinkedIn. It’s too closed off and there just aren’t enough ways to interact. I prefer networking through the likes of Twitter or Facebook. One example is how easy it is to create a presence for your company or brand. Previously, LinkedIn only gave you the ability to […]

  • Brits Love Blogs

    41% of the UK’s internet population have visited a blog, according to comScore. The study shows that in August, 14.5 million people in the UK visited at least one blog, showing just how popular blogging is becoming. It demonstrates just how important blogging is to the British internet user. And a reminder to businesses that […]

  • Ladies and Gentleman; Yahoo! Web Analytics

    We probably all knew this was coming since Yahoo! purchased IndexTools, but now it’s official. Yahoo has launched Yahoo! Web Analytics. I’ve been using IndexTools for what must be five years now. Before that, I was all about WebTrends as well as a short stint with Urchin. Having explored a variety of other tools I […]

  • While eBay Stumbles Off, I Might Stumble Back… Upon StumbleUpon

    eBay wants to get rid of StumbleUpon, but do StumbleUpon’s recent service announcements make the service more attractive to the users? And can they attract the millions of users they’ve lost in the last year?

  • Another reason to get on line

    Through WebProNews today I learn that on line advertising spend in the UK is now greater than television advertising. On line advertising spend reached £2.8 billion in 2007, an increase of 40%, with TV advertising registering £2.4 billion. The figures, from the latest annual Ofcom report into the communications industry, show just how important the […]

  • Faceparty Activates Self Destruct

    Social networks are attractive in business because, like TV, they have a captive audience. A captive audience about who a lot is known. Age, gender, location, hobbies, interests, sexual preference, musical preference, favourite TV shows, films, books; you name it. So what do Faceparty do when faced with a bit of legislation? They cull hundreds […]